An important new voice in the field of Applied Improvisation and leadership training, Rebecca is committed to the study, practice, and experience of emergent creativity, combined with Jewish teachings, for relevant business results and positive social transformation. In workshops, classes, and one-on-one training sessions, she has witnessed first hand the transformational power her coaching can bring. An organizational consultant who combines years of theater training and experience with deep Jewish roots and values, Rebecca has that rare ability to affect positive change within the Jewish organizational world. Please consider her for your next retreat or staff training session!

Available workshops include:

  • New Business Models (without too much blood!)
  • The Power of Improv for Innovative Thinking
  • Creative Thinking, Everywhere you Go
  • Improv Lessons Every C.E.O Needs to Know
  • Harnessing the Power of “Yes”
  • Breakthrough Thinking
  • Board Meetings Can be Fast, Ferocious & Fun!
  • Speaking Publicly with Ease & Power
  • The Power to Dream: visioning solutions to insolvable organizational problems
  • Managing Change
  • Teaching your Staff to Take Risks