Everything has its season.  Web sites are no different! I made loving and happy use of my old site for over five years (thank you, designer David Kilborn) during which time all kinds of awesome things happened for me: I created three successful touring shows, performed twice in Paris and more than that in the UK, got a great New York Times review, was artist-in-residence at a host of thriving communities, was invited to lecture at Hebrew University, had Carole King complement me after a show (!), taught Polish high school kids about Judaism and Atlanta sisterhood ladies about creativity, worked with a host of talented directors, actors, lyricists, and musicians, decided to start splitting my time between Chicago and New York, sang in more languages than I ever imagined possible and, well, that’s just the beginning.  Magical.  All of it.

Today I am ready to take things to the next level.  I have changed, and I want my new website to reflect that.  So I found and worked with a stellar website designer named Jennifer Therieau to create this site.  Like every beautiful thing, it has been a true collaboration.  I also am indebted to photographer Michael Weintrob, who took a series of photos for me.  Check out his work online; he has created some of the most imaginative photographs I have ever seen. And I want to say a special thanks to multi-talented Jewish musician Josh Nelson, who was instrumental in encouraging and guiding me to build this new site.

What am I most passionate about today? What am I striving for?  For what am I grateful? For vital Jewish performance.  For educational offerings which are at the cutting edge of creativity, spirituality, Jewish tradition, and theater.  For the opportunity to touch people and help them become more compassionate and alive. For the chance to mine the rich treasure troves of Jewish tradition with a room full of curious kids or adults.  For the gift of moving and inspiring audiences, night after night.

What excites me now?  Teaching and meeting and creating.  Laughing with a room full of kids. Dreaming a healthy and viable Jewish future.  Small acts of human kindness. What else?  The State of Israel, prayer which is transformative, theater which wakes us up, and Torah which teaches us bravery. But most of all: Telling it new & Jewish!

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