Most of these offerings are flexible in length—from one hour to several. Many can also be altered to fit a another age group. So let us know what you’re thinking!

  • Cultivating Points of Light: Learning to See the Good in Other People
  • Write Your First (Jewish) Monologue!
  • Radical Jewish Culture: Notes from the Field
  • Basic Improv (for Non-actors)
  • Becoming the Hero of My Life: A Writing & Visioning Workshop
  • Can the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of the Torah Be My Guides?
  • Relaxation & Concentration Techniques for Speaking in Public (ith a Jewish Twist)
  • Basic Acting: Exploring Relationships
  • Something out of Something: Creating Art from Archival Materials
  • The Jews of Warsaw Were Very Cool!
  • Acting the Musical
  • Before Glee: Jews & The American Musical (a participatory workshop)
  • Master-class in Song Performance
  • Torah Yoga: The Basics (a hands-on workshop)
  • Jewish Meditation for Stress

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