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Author: jtherieau

Cities of Light comes home to Chicago!

Friends: I am thrilled to be presenting seven performances of my touring show Cities of Light this May in Chicago! ShPiel is producing and ShPiel director David Chack is going to be unveiling his own short show after mine. It promises to be a magical night.

A new show is being born!

Some of you have been bugging me for a while now to create a new show.  As you might imagine, it takes so much to make a new work of theater (besides the money and time, and those are pretty key.)  There has to be

Live from Paris Shot live at La Vieille Grille Theatre, Paris. Featuring Noemi Schlosser as MC and an audience member as Rebecca’s dance partner!

KLEYNKUNST! Warsaw’s Brave & Brilliant Yiddish Cabaret

KLEYNKUNST! reflects the spirit, bravado, and optimism of Jewish Warsaw between the Wars. This show brings to life the songs, sketches, and spirit of Warsaw’s Yiddish language cabarets, or kleynkunst theaters. Starring Rebecca Joy Fletcher and Stephen Mo Hanan.  The show is performed mostly in